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I requested off from the grandmothers funeral June 7th for June 14th and when the schedule went up I did not get that day off. So, when my Gm Delon came into work I nicely told him “you know I took off for this day for my grandmothers funeral and he said oh I didn’t see it so you have to find someone else to replace you and which I said well I put in the book for that day off.

He then said well I didn’t see it, so I nicely showed him where I wrote it and his response was why would you put it on the that page. I put it on the next page because the page before was pretty full. I didn’t know I was supposed to put it on a better page for him to see it. So, I call my DM cecily and I tell her what happened.

So, she called him and he tells me I need to bring a obituary to come back to work and then rudely said “and I’m not giving you another day neither”. That was the last straw for me. The unfair treatment towards me is ridiculous. Graig Didn’t show up for work because of a funeral did not bring a obituary.

Also, the two times I’ve called out my hours were cut drastically and also said I needed a doctors excuse note to come back to work. When, Audrey or Jaquris call out or don’t show up to work never have to bring a excuse and hours never get cut.

He has a lot of favoritism going on and it’s not right. I work hard, I have great customer service and always got treated wrongly.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hardees Manager.

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