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Vickie Matthews came into Hardees and called me stupid and accused me of going by her house which I did not do. She has threatened to beat me up if she would not go to jail call me a *** twice.

One time she told me to go to *** *** This was over the man she lives with. They were and are not married. I told management that she was harassing and threatening me and they did nothing.

That day she drove up June 1st 2018 and called me stupid and threatened to hit me in the mouth. She is crazy.

I told her I did not go by her house. A policeman just happened to come in Hardees and I told him what happened. Instead the young supervisor kids told him lies that I had harassed the customers . She should have been asked to leave instead I was and banned.

Vickie Matthews should have been asked to leave and arrested and banned from the store. should have happened three or four months ago. I have never harassed the customers.

Her boyfriend and friends decided to go to Burger King because of Vickie Matthew but I had nothing to do with that. Vickie did not want him around me.

Reason of review: The situation was not handled right I have never been in trouble with the police I was not treated right or fairly.

Preferred solution: ban reversed Vickie Matthews banned from the store told not to come back because she is crazy and violent and lies .

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correction Hardees called the police because of Vickie Matthew bizarre behavior and violence. Hardees Denver NC


Vickie Matthews has been banned from the store but it still does not make up for what she did. Vickie Matthew behavior and accusing me of things I did not do caused the police to be called.

She is 100 percent responsible for what happened. I should not have been banned because I did nothing wrong.

She accused me of going by her house and following her to Stacy's which I did not do. She is crazy and several people have told me she was crazy and strange.