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Once when I was hitchhiking, I got picked up by a really nice gentleman who took me to Hardees to get something to eat. We went inside to the counter to order and I ordered a Monster Sandwich Combo meal.

the Gentleman ordered a combo meal as well, and when the lady asked him what he wanted for his beverage,he told her that he just wanted a glass of tap water. Well, the lady charged him the full price for a combo meal, when it would have been cheaper just to charge him for his sandwich and his fries separately. He ended up paying more than a dollar for a cup of water and I think that she should have said something to him about it.

This happened over 20 years ago and I am still Pissed Off about it every time I think about how the lady didn't just charge him separately for the sandwich and fries and give him the free water. This happened at a Hardees somewhere along the interstate in Alabama.

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afraid roaches are gonna get me

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