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Yeah it happened on six four 2019 I pulled up to the speaker and nobody answered I pulled up to the window and blew the horn after about 10 minutes and nobody come to the window I'd reach out and beat on the window and there was two girls standing there looking at me and they would not come and wait on me at the window finally some girl at all girl with blonde hair and glasses came over and I told her about it and she acted like she didn't give a *** it didn't bother her at all that I hadn't been waited on and I told her that I what I wanted and now I told her I wanted to horseradish with my roast beef and I asked her when she brought it to me did she put them in there and she said yes I looked in there and I seen two packages so I drove home and it was barbecue sauce I am so pissed I doubt I'll go in there for a year

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