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Our family was traveling through Ravenel, South Carolina on 3/22/14 and we stopped at Hardys #3096 for a snack. There were at least 4 people behind the counter, and one person sweeping up in the dining area that was totally empty.

They were not extremely busy. There were about 2 orders in front of us, and one person behind us in line, with a couple of cars in the drive thru. We placed our order for One Lg Fry, One Soda, and 4 Milk Shakes. at 3:17pm.

We then stood around talking for awhile in the waiting area. After about 10 minutes, 2 of us remained in the store to get the order while the others went to the car. After waiting at the car for another 10 minutes, I went back into the store to see what was taking so long. By that time, we had received the Soda and Fries, however, still no milkshakes!

My brother said he had just spoken with the Manager, and they were making them now. I walked up to watch the girl making the milkshakes. She acted like she was purposefully in slow motion! When I walked up, she was just putting the lid on the first of four milk shakes.

I loudly said to another customer that had been standing there all along " I have NEVER in my life seen it take this long to make a milkshake". To which he replied "In Georgia they'd all be looking for another job." The girl making the milkshakes turned around and looked at me, and I said "We have been waiting over 20 minutes for these milkshakes and we are in a hurry, as we have to make an appointment." With that she had the remaining 3 milkshakes ready in less than 3 minutes.... which is what she should have done to start with! At least she apologized for the wait as she handed them to me, but that does not excuse their lack of consideration for their customers!

We finally left there with our order 27 minutes after placing it!

This is by no means my first bad experience with Hardees. I have consistently had various bad experiences with different locations. Their training regimen is apparently lacking in the "Customer Service" area. I keep thinking that "maybe this location is better the last one I went to".

I should know better by now! Hardees = the worst fast food service EVER!

Monetary Loss: $25.

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Naples, Florida, United States #1197151

Orders ahead of yours and 4 hand dipped milk shakes, and you are sighing and talking loudly about how long it is taking and how you have to be somewhere? First off, if you are in a hurry then do not stop for food.

Second, if you have something to say, say it outright. Don't be a coward and do the talking out loud routine.

Third, you get what you give in this life. And being a *** will only guarantee you will be treated like a ***.

Newark Valley, New York, United States #1194563

I'm a manager at a Hardee's in Tennessee. The milkshakes are almost $4 because they are handscooped with real ice cream that ISNT soft serve.

They have to measure the milk and the syrup. The shake mixer runs slow. Not our fault. You also have to go slow when you mix it, or else it will be sloppy and fly all over you.

I would really love to see if you would be able to take out 4 guest's orders AND hand scoop and mix 4 milkshakes. As for the girl sweeping the lobby, she was probably doing side work so that she could go home because it was time for her to get off. We fast food employees do have lives and families outside of work, and when work is over, it's over, and you are not our obligation anymore at that point. Being rude to an employee is only going to cause problems.

If I was her, I would have had absolutely no problem asking you to leave and refunding your order for you. I do not tolerate employees being rude to guests, but I DEFINITELY wouldn't serve a guest that is being rude to my employees. If I were there, you wouldn't have had to wait, because I would have made you leave. We do not have to serve you.

Nobody does with that attitude. Remember that.

to Anonymous Riverside, California, United States #1196100

Dude, seriously?!!! You are saying that, as a manager at Hardee's, that it is normal for it to take 27 minutes for you guys to fill an order containing four milkshakes because they are hand-dipped?!!

Furthermore, you are saying that she was being rude to the employee by saying they had been waiting that long and they needed to go?!! That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. If that is your attitude toward Hardee's customers, I am surprised that you are still a manager, and I'm sure Hardee's Corporate would appreciate knowing that.

Additionally, nowhere in her post did she say anything about Hardee's employees not having lives OUTSIDE of their jobs.

She specifically was discussing them doing their jobs.

She mentioned the empty dining room to make it clear that, with four people behind the counter and an empty dining room, obviously there was no one in the dining room waiting for an order.

In saying that Hardee's employees have lives outside of their jobs in defense of them taking so long to fill one order, you are saying a lot about the level of pride you take in your work or that you expect from your employees.

Germantown, Maryland, United States #939347

Why isn't anyone complaining about the price? Were the shakes made with GoldSchlager? Nearly $20.00!


Quit going? Duh.

They don't need your business anyway, shakes take time and detract from every other customer when they are ordered. So either don't go there or quit complaining.


Hey, takes time to milk a cow, take it easy :)

Jamestown, Tennessee, United States #802449

I work at Hardees in Jamestown, Tn and im offended by someone saying to watch them

so they wont spit in your milkshake. Sometimes it takes a little longer to make an order than normal and when you saw the girl sweeping in the lobby maybe its because that's thefirst chance she has had to sweep in a while.

Consumers do not realize that we have to

Be a hundred places at once. We are expected to give six dollar service which means be your waitress and clean your mess with no tips. Hardees does not give raises even to the ones that have been there for twenty years. Having to wait 20 minutes on 4 milkshakes is

ridiculous but having to wait 6 minutes on an order when you have three ahead of you is normal.

i am just saying that when you walk into any fast food place have a little respect for the people that serve you. You dont know what that have to go through.

to Anonymous #1098287

Lol. I'm sure fast food is a really hard job.

I often wonder at any fast food joint where the heck they find employees. It's really not a hard job that's why anyone can do it. But people that think their easy job is so hard and have a bad attitude make it worse. I have had no bad experiences at my local hardees btw.

They are always friendly. Sometimes I have to wait a little but they make things to order.

Which is what I prefer. Never to long


Do you really expect someone to take you seriously if you call someone old enough to work a "girl". You have no right calling someone a "girl" when you yourself have the patience level of a five year old child.

to Anonymous #801808

I WAITED 27 minutes for a 17 year old GIRL to make a milkshake, but I have no patience? (She certainly wasn't acting or talking like a Lady.) I have obviously stepped into the middle of a bunch of high school fast food workers that don't know the meaning of "customer service" and feel the need to defend sloppy work attitudes.

This will get you so far in your life!..

NOT! Forgive me if I don't respond to any more of your immature rants.

to Anonymous #801882

Immature? Who was the guy loudly whining about his milkshakes?

Is your ego so huge that you believe the only possible way anybody could disagree is if they are employed in fast-food. Now, who is it that is still so upset about MILKSHAKES that he not only posted a lengthy diatribe but continues to defend his boorish behavior. Again I say, calling out loudly so you will be overheard is chicken$hit. Be a man and if you absolutely must create a big drama over a milkshake do it in a mature professional manner.

What business do you own? Do you deliver newspapers? Babysit? Mow lawns?

It couldn't be anything that requires professionalism or intestinal fortitude. A milkshake. Really? What do you do when REAL trouble strikes?

I'd hate to think.

The starving children of the worl feel your pain. Poor guy.

to MikeBrady #876893

Dude! Milkshakes don't take that long to make. She must have been thinking of her boyfriend, putting it to her last night...

to Anonymous #828188

Again you keep referring to her as a GIRL when you cannot act your age, well perhaps I should call you a child since you act like you are five years old. You are the one that is acting immature attacking everyone who posts. I feel bad for the workers having to put up with an over grown "five year old" telling you that you are being immature is not an immature rant, you causing a scene is.

to Anonymous #829556

Well since you are acting like a five year old as everyone is saying we should refer to you as toddler.

to Anonymous Walterboro, South Carolina, United States #992909

the milk shake girl is prolly worried that she is missing the latest Kardashian text from her girl friend


Sounds like you commenters are of the "me" generation and don't know what it means to take pride in your work no matter what kind of job you do. As an owner of a business myself, this kind of information is crucial to the success or failure of any business.

I would certainly want to know if this is how my employees were portraying my busines. You'll understand when you grow up. I pay them to do their best, and I guess I'm very lucky that my employees do take pride in their work. 27 minutes for 4 milkshakes at a "fast food" restaurant is not acceptable to anyone....

Would you wait that long without complaining? I seriously doubt it.

to lucky boss #828195

The OP is the one from the "me" generation. Notice only she was throwing a temper tantrum and making a scene because they did not give her the milkshake?

I feel sorry for the employees that work there because it seems like she goes there often. No one else threw a temper tantrum because of the long wait.


I hope those milkshakes were in your sight the whole time. An expert fast-food worker can hock a loogie into a milkshake of an entitled @$$wipe like you in the blink of an eye.

I'll bet it took longer to post that essay on milkshakes than it did to make them! Had you not posted you would have come out even.

You even took the time to photograph your reciept. I do applaud you however on your tenacity in being a butt munch.

to MikeBrady #801803

Yep I watched her the whole time. And seriously my "essay" didn't take half as long as they did.

But I suppose you think I should go back and beg their forgiveness for even daring to interrupt their socializing by asking them to actually do the job that they are being paid for...Yes! What an a$$ wipe I am for even thinking there might still be someone of that caliber left working at a Hardees! You obviously feel their pain, and wouldn't give a *** about your customers either. There are plenty of good people out there that can do it better.

I didn't chew them out, or demand to see their boss, or call their boss,(which would be so easy to do) or even cause a scene. I simply said out loud what everyone standing there rolling their eyes and waiting was already thinking. These are the kind of people that make all fast food workers look bad.

This information is of value to someone, and it's posted here for them... not for you.


:cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry Sounds like you have a big stick up your behind. Get over it, they are just milkshakes, they are not life and death.

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