I stood up in a alqarayen area Abd ordered for 6 meals for my kids there was a load voice from a staff called grung

He was debating with another staff in the kitchen with a very annoying load voice

This was too much till we all around thought it is a head ache to quarrel and start shouting to each others in front of clients

I then warned please guys lower your voice otherwise I would really complaint about it

Nothing happened still no action to please an annoyed customer of their load voice which makes me now write this complaint

Please do something about it otherwise we all will not be your client and McDonald's site is not too far who's staff very polite

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Noblesville, Indiana, United States #737445

load voice guessing you are on food stamps and wic.

Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States #616714

how can anyone take your complaint seriously when you don't possess the slightest ability to formulate a correct sentence or use correct grammar?!?!?

How do you even hold a job?? Do you hold a job???

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