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Hello,I was hired at the Hardees kn Bardstown Road in Springfield, Ky. Managers for the company are Sharon, Cameron and Deidra.

I had orientation on Sunday and worked my first day on Monday. Initially my main manager Sharon was nice on the first day Monday telling me she liked how I performed my duties and how fast I made biscuits as a biscuit maker. The second day she told 2nd manager Deidra how I was doing really good. She sat in the office for the most of her shift and very little attended to task duties at hand roughly 1 1/2 hour to 2 during a 7 hour shift and for the remaining would be sitting in her office.

She would yell out "I am not a babysitter" and initially I let it slide. Wednesday I was OFF. Sharon took OFF Wednesday and Thursday for her break. Thursday comes and Deidra and Cameron are there as managers - Deidra tells me that Sharon initially showed me wrong how to do biscuits and to not go be the rolling pin but the size of the cutter and helps correct me so the biscuits dont crack when making them.

I am rather new at performing biscuits and mistakes will happen. I had a total of approximately 6 biscuits out of lots made that I messed up on. I tried my best and to my best of my abilities to be a hard worker and be dependable and reliable. I went in this morning to meet Sharon and she honks her horn telling me I had parked in the wrong parking spot after she told me to park where I parked to move my car.

I apologized nicely and told her I would move my car to the different area she told me to move it. I go in and ask Sharon if she can make a copy of my drivers license and social security card and she tells me she is busy and she will get it later on in the day. I get everything prepared to make biscuits and I lose my mixing spatula to mix biscuit mix. I know I am on a set time frame to making biscuits for customers and I wanted to strive to excellence and not run behind.

I ask another employee if she could ask Sharon what possibly could have went wrong. Sharon sits in her office and yells out after this happens "I'm not a babysitter!" right after this occurred. I let it slide and try to tough out the hurtful words. I continue to make biscuits as in feeling angry and hurt.

She begins to tell me to come here after I had made almost 7 pans and had 5 more in the oven 3 on top and 2 on bottom as I'm waiting on the extra minutes so they get done inside. I have this frustrated look on my face because I had to drop what I'm doing and I didnt want to burn the biscuits in the oven that were almost done. She yells at me and says "dont roll your eyes at me!" I say "i didnt roll my eyes at you!" She explains to me I cracked a few (which on accident, my mistake) and that about two more fell apart at the bottom and she says "that's almost a whole bag!" The other employee Destiny working nearby me doing bacon seemed upset by what happened but she remained quiet. I told Destiny to let the manager know there are biscuits in the oven and cooler, she can do biscuits on her own as I'm quitting.

I go to clock out feeling hurt, mad and angry. The manager Sharon says "can I talk to you in my office?" I go to her office and am about at boiling point and tell her she shouldnt say "I'm not a babysitter" to me, she goes on to say, she was in her office and denies her wrong doing saying that it wasnt directed at me when there was only two people there Destiny cooking bacon and me that lost the spatula. I told her "yes it was" she tells me I am blowing things out of proportion and I said ,"no I'm not. You dont treat people like that as a manager and how my last manager would have never treated someone that way because it is wrong"..

she says "well everyone makes mistakes right?" I then say "well I'm not putting up with it; it is not okay. It is wrong".. I leave... Cameron and Deidra are hard working, nice managers and helpful if you need assistance with anything.

Can you please make sure Sharon learns that she cannot do and say these things to her employees and she knows the impact she has on people as a whole?I appreciate you taking the time to reading my concerns and please make sure something gets done so this isnt an all the time occurence. Thanks again,Michelle Leatherbury

Product or Service Mentioned: Hardees Manager.

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