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We then ordered a Double Cheeseburger. When we got it they had loaded it with so much condiments that it was slippery and the burger slid or shot right out of the bun when I picked it up. Now this is not normal for this store but the last 2 times that we stopped there the experience was real bad. We live near Sebring, Florida and we have to drive about 75 miles round trip to eat at your Dundee Store. Also there seems to be a lot of playing...
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In the last 3 months ive had my orders be incorrect twice, and unforgivably sloppy about half the time (more than 5 times out of a total of 20 orders) and in the last 6 months my order was incorrect nearly every time. My fiance and i laughed about my inability to get what i order correctly. Today i ordered a double cheeseburger, ketchup only. I wont eat pickles or mustard, and my burger came as a normal dbl chz. Normally i dont complain but my...
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Shift manager was rude and condescending. I used the drive thru, but I was unable to understand the girl concerning my order, so I went inside. Once inside the shift manager treated me badly since I was didn't know what came on what burgers. And told me I could not get the double cheeseburgers for 4 dollars because I wanted lettuce and tomatoes on them, and that would be an extra 4 dollars since she had to charge me fifty cents for each tomato...
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